Started at 2016 as a 3 person band. They played first covers from various artists like Metallica, Iron Maiden and many more heavy metal bands. Later on they decided to write there own songs and got 3 of them! After one year playing covers and 3 songs they got a 4th member in the band: Thijs. When he came to the band they wrote many more songs and in 2017 they recorded the first album!


Introduced with music at a young age. The band Queen made him to listen to the drums with the song “We will rock you”. At the age of 15 he started drumming at a friend’s house and later on he got his own drumkit! The love for heavy metal was always there, one of the first songs was Enter sandman by Metallica. And learned this on drums by ear and watching dvd’s of Metallica. Later on he wanted more and takes drum lessons of Ernst van Ee who is also a metal drummer and very good with double bass drumming.


Besides obviously being the most handsome of the bunch, am I also the lead guitarist and backing vocalist. I get most of my influences from bands like Alterbridge,  Tremonti, Trivium and my old time favorite Linkin Park. Besides electric I`m also a decent acoustic guitar player which helps me with writing those beautiful clean intro`s and bridge sections, and why I love using really big sounding chords in my songs. “if it isn`t epic, it isn`t worth it!”


Heavy riffs, rock n roll and plenty of beers! That’s what I like to do. I picked up the guitar about ten years ago. Starting out by playing Green Day songs until I joined a band and started playing classic rock covers. I’ve been playing with these guys for about three years and don’t plan on stopping soon. In my case inspiration can always be found in Metallica, Foo Fighters and Godsmack.


I was about 17 years old when I first picked up the bass guitar. I wanted to play the bass when I saw the Finnish band Lordi at the Eurovision Songfestival 2006. After a couple of months my brother introduced me to Iron Maiden. That gave me the motivation to play the bass for the next couple of years. When I got better and better I started to play more complicated music like the band Rush.

In those years I played in some bands with mostly broke up to musical differences.

Eventually I started the band The Tasteless Gentleman and I hope that with this band we can brake trough the mainstream music business.